Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer samples?
    • Unfortunately, we do not have any free samples. However, you may purchase single tiles as samples. These are fully refundable. Also, if you choose to order several, you may return the ones you do not want for a credit towards your next purchase.
  • How do you install the tiles?
    • The tiles can be installed very easily. We recommend that you use Ceramic Tile Adhesive, which you can find in any hardware store. It is a thick paste that will adhere to your ceiling. Just place a 1” dab in the center, corners, and along the edges and press it to your ceiling. It will hold immediately, as the paste will spread over the tile.
  • What are your tiles made of?
    • Our 20”x20” tiles are made of polystyrene which is a foam-based material. The 24”x24” PVC tiles are made out of PVC Plastic Foil.
  • How thick are the tiles?
    • The 20”x20” tiles are approximately 3/32” thick around the edges. The design is 3D and its thickness ranges depending on the style.
    • The 24”x24” tiles are 12 mil thick, however, the depth of the design will make the tile appear thicker.
  • How are the tiles cut?
    • Because of the innovative material that the tiles are made out of, you can cut them very easily with virtually any knife. No heavy saws or equipment is necessary.
  • Is the price by square foot or by tile?
    • When you order from our web site you input numbers of tiles that you want. The prices are specified next to the pictures by the tile. Each 20”x20” tile covers approximately 2.7sqft while each 24”x24” tile covers 4sqft.
  • Is the “Buy It Now” on eBay for one sqft? Or one tile?
  • How much is the shipping cost?
    • The shipping cost is as follows:
      $10.00 handling fee for an order plus an additional $0.45 for each tile. Every shipment is fully insured and shipped with FedEx and/or US Priority Mail.
  • Can the tiles be installed over popcorn ceiling?
    • Yes, because of their light weight, you don’t need to scrape the popcorn. No prior preparation of the ceiling is necessary.
  • Can these tiles be dropped into an existing drop ceiling without looking funny? I realize the slats will have to be adjusted to the 20" size. Why aren't they made just a bit larger?
    • The tiles are made to be installed (glued) to the ceiling. All of the tiles are produced in Europe to their standards. That is why they only come in these dimensions. We also carry 24” by 24” panels for suspended ceilings. These are designed to replace Armstrong panels
  • What are the dimensions of the tiles?
    • All tiles are ~20”x20”. (2.69sqft) However, all of the 20” by 20” tiles are available in 24” by 24”.
  • How do I calculate the amount of tiles required for my room?
    • We have just added a Tile Quantity Calculator. Click Here To calculate the Quantity of Tiles Need.
      Below is explanation by hand:
      Take your room area and divide it by 2.7. This will give you a minimum number of tiles that you will need for your ceiling. However, we recommend that you add an additional 10% for cutting around the edges. Ex: I have a room that is 12’ by 12’. The ceiling area is 144sq ft. 144sqft / 2.69 = 53.53. Therefore I need 54 tiles plus additional 6 tiles in case I will have to cut around the edges. 60 tiles should be plenty.



Paint Information
All paints are available at any Home Depot store. We use Semi-Gloss finish.

Matches to:



Antique White

Glidden Antique White - 1422


Primary Copper

Behr Luminoso Copper #742

Primary Gold

Behr Luminoso 14 Carat #741

Primary Silver

Behr Luminoso Silver #743



Behr Thermal Springs



Behr Distant Thunder 760F-7


Behr Bison Brown 780B-7


Glidden Burgundy 11Y 07-229


Behr Chai Spice 260D-6


Behr Toasted Nutmeg 200F-5


Behr Oakwood Brown 770B-6

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